Nova Equinox Storm

Age: 23

Gender: female

Species: platformer squirrel

Height: 5'10"

Occupation: Princess

Mate: Lia Storm

Home: Toasterland castle in Nova Forest

Element: electricity

Abilities: transformation magic, flight, video game logic

Palette: palette.png

Nova (full name Nova Equinox Storm) is the ruler of Toasterland, serving as its queen but she uses the title "princess" instead because it's cuter. While her kingdom provides a very comfortable home, in her heart she is an adventurer and her peaceful kingdom is somewhat of a curse given her nature. She is often found exploring other worlds, seeking to relive the adventure and heroism of her past and find a real need for her somewhere. She mostly sees the princess role as an excuse to be really cute and girly rather than caring too much about actually ruling, though she does try to use her power to help people.

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Nova is a neon green squirrel with white tummy fur, blue ear tips, blue eyes, a pink nose, and an extra floofy tail. She usually wears a dress and always wears her tiara. She is vertically symmetrical, right down to being ambidextrous. Along with her tiara she tends to wear a pretty pink necklace.

Her color count and choice are deliberately limited to be easy to draw as an NES sprite.


Nova is a generally cheerful and optimistic squirrel who tries to be friendly but will get very protective towards people she cares about. She is always looking to use her abilities to help people however she can, and she cares about making a difference.

Despite being royalty, she treats it like it's mostly just a title and she isn't stuck up nor does she demand special treatment, but still loves it when she gets it.



Video game traits

Nova is a video game platformer squirrel, which means that video game logic tends to apply to her. True to her platformer-ness, she is very good at making high, precise jumps, and big drops don't hurt her.

Her wings can lift her easily, and work by changing her velocity directly and making her weightless; this means that an airborne Nova would be very easy to push away by strong winds or heavy rain.

She also has an inventory that's only limited in quantity (24 items) and not size, though certain types of items can stack. This is an upgrade from her earlier inventory that only held 10 items.

If anything were to happen to her, she would respawn at the location she most recently felt truly safe at, most likely her castle.

Whether or not she can pick something up is more related to size than weight. She can easily pick up someone else the same size as her.

To allow for levels taking place in lava caves and snowy/icy areas, her tolerance for temperatures is much higher when it makes sense, but isn't infinite. For example, she can safely be around lava, but wouldn't be able to come in contact with it without being hurt. Similarly, temperatures a human would need to wear winter clothing for would be fine, but something cold enough to be dangerous to humans probably wouldn't be.


Nova has access to magic of a video game type, which tends to be a lot more predictable and consistent than other magic.

Her own magic tends to be related to transformations, and she can control her own form in a limited manner, to make herself a nonanthro squirrel or Pachirisu if she wishes. She could also control someone else's form in a much wider variety of ways, but it doesn't stick for long without their consent. For the longest time this was all she had access to, but now that she has her wand and Amelia's help, she can cast fire, ice and lightning offensive spells as well as healing and some other things. She is still figuring out magic.



Her backstory is told in an NES game, which is available on

Nova was a normal squirrel and Kee was a normal fox and they were childhood friends, even though such a friendship was considered strange by most. Instead of preying on her, Kee decided to be Nova's protector. Nova's sister, Eclipse and friend Lia had been missing for quite some time, leaving the squirrel all alone until that point.

One day Nova was kidnapped for a secret research project, and a rather alarmed Kee tried to rescue his friend but in the process of doing so he unintentionally sabotaged the project, and in addition to the project's intended goals of testing some technology for converting regular animals into anthros, the two of them ended up with new abilities and some odd changes like her green fur color.

After an adventure in the Latteverse, Nova was given the MV Explorer which she uses to travel to other worlds.

One of the worlds she ended up finding was Toasterland, which wanted her to be their queen. She mostly treats it as a mayoral position and mostly just a title and is still a platformer hero at heart.

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