Princess Engine is an NES platformer engine with similar goals and features as President, named because of its intended use and because it has higher required specs than President. It's being developed along with the first Nova the Squirrel game. It has an associated editor named PrincessEdit which is still in development and which attempts to mimic Lunar Magic. However, unlike Super Mario World and Lunar Magic, both the Princess Engine and its tools are Free Software. It's not really in development because of lack of interest both on the author's part and a lack of interest in actually using the engine, aside from people wanting stuff it can't actually provide.


Features/Technical details




CHR RAM $0xxx:
0x: |\ COMMON: Tiles that are always loaded during gameplay
1x: | \
2x: |  |
3x: | /
4x: |/
5x: |\ TERRAIN: Theme-specific tiles like ground and such
6x: | |
7x: |/
8x: |\ EXTRA: Additional backgrounds, foreground tiles, etc
9x: | \
ax: | /
bx: |/
cx: |\ DECORATION: Small background sets
dx: |/
ex: | ?
fx: | DYNAMIC: Special use

CHR RAM $1xxx:
0x: |\ Player tiles
1x: | \
2x: | /
3x: |/
4x: |\ Common
5x: | \
6x: | /
7x: |/
8x: |\ Slot 1
9x: |/
ax: |\ Slot 2
bx: |/
cx: |\ Slot 3
dx: |/
ex: |\ Slot 4
fx: |/




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