Fake objects, unlike regular objects, just exist within the parameters of the room they're in. "look" and other commands will respond to them as if they actually exist, when they don't. When their names are displayed, the name will end in "[Fake]" to indicate this.

Creating fake objects

look #add here will open a menu that allows you to create fake objects in the location you're at. here may be replaced with another location.

Putting fake objects in containers

Have fake objects cluttering up your inventory that you want to store somewhere in your house?

@create drawers

Create the container. Skip if you already made it.

drop drawers

Put the container on the ground.

@set drawers=X

Allow @force to be used on the drawers.

@flock drawers=me

Allow yourself to use @force on the drawers.

@set here=fake_drop?:yes

Allow dropping fake objects into your room.

fdrop button

Drop the fake object into the room.

@force drawers=fget button

Make the container pick the object up

You cannot directly put a fake object into a container using the normal commands, so this workaround makes the container pick the fake objects up, after setting flags to allow that to happen.


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