Gender: female

Species: Mimiga

Home: Mimiga Village 2?

Job: None

Star originally lived in Mimiga Village and she lived through the events of Cave Story while doing her best to stay optimistic. After everything was over she decided she needed to learn how to defend herself and her friends. She took up learning how to build, using her Giant Mallet to rearrange things to her liking, and while she's certainly familiar with technology she tends to stick the more natural side of things. She tends to forget to take other species into account when making things so her architecture tends to be full of large dangerous jumps and other things.


She's a pretty normal looking Mimiga, looking like a short non-anthropomorphic bunny-like creature with some dog-like traits. She always wears her necklace.


She's a very adventurous Mimiga and very excitable, who tries to do what she can to protect her friends.



She's got an inventory, as standard, though it's not huge. She doesn't take fall damage, and she's a very good jumper.

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