Toasterland is a kingdom ruled by Princess Nova Storm (who despite calling herself a princess is actually the queen). The setting is mostly modern, with science fiction, fantasy, Animal Crossing and general video game tropes added in.

The kingdom exists in multiple universes in various forms. She takes a mostly hands-off approach to ruling, and mostly lets residents do whatever they want, and there are towns with their own governments (most of them democracies), and the capital is named Ft.Toast. There are many amusement parks within easy reach of the capital and the country's main industry is tourism, and it exists in many universes in order to get as much tourism as possible.


Toasterland has a very diverse set of biomes, which tend to be pretty small. A town could easily have two or more biomes in it.


Toasterland's technology is very futuristic, and many things rely on Toasterland's video game physics and not necessarily everything is going to work everywhere else, especially the big important technology (but game-style aspects of individual people who live here keep working, such as respawning or having an inventory). Energy is produced through entirely clean means for things that seem to require energy at all, exploiting various aspects of game mechanics. Magic can be used as a more expensive alternative to produce something that can be used outside of the nation. Ordinary items produced as a result of Toasterland's logic, such as fruit produced by the extremely fast growing and rapidly replenishing fruit trees, will be indistinguishable from their normal counterparts elsewhere. With the concept of extremely high capacity chests, drawers and closets, trash can simply be stored in them rather than taking up space.

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Toasterland primarily exports wood, precious minerals and fruits of all kinds and it has VERY fertile land and somehow more minerals of certain types keep appearing after being mined. The remarkable rate of growth in Toasterland orchards has even allowed other countries to adopt some elements of post-scarcity communism. Toasterland both imports and exports lots of modern and retro electronics, most notably video games.


With a squirrel for a princess, the majority of Toasterland's population is anthropomorphic animals, primarily felids (cats of any kind), and canids (canines, foxes, similar). Rodents (and squirrels in particular) usually have more power throughout Toasterland, but anyone of any species can start a Town.

For fun, citizens often go to the amusement parks, and the national sport is Furniture Fight, which involves two teams alternating between buying and placing furniture and vandalism and shooting missiles at the other person's house, with the better rated house winning (and this results in most of the population being skilled with missile silos and rocket launchers). Video games and swimming in one of the many lakes or rivers is also popular, and the majority of Toasterland is always in a state of Spring or Fall so the weather is always nice. A lot of mating tends to happen, too.


As the princess, Nova has absolute authority in Toasterland. Some trusted citizens have a second, lower level of authority. This authority is mostly only used to banish people who really do not add anything at all and are only there to be malevolent. They may either just be kicked out and possibly let back in or sent to a certain nation in particular if desired.

The government of Toasterland works similar to the United States but the federal government is replaced by Nova and other people appointed by her to be in charge of various things. Haku the Raichu for example is in charge of implementing public work projects Nova wants constructed. People who want a pure democratic government are encouraged to move to New Mars which is nearby and ruled by a sane leader.

Nova Forest and Ft.Toast are ruled over just by Nova, but cities are incredibly easy to build on account of small buildings only taking a few minutes to put up (or shorter if neatness doesn't matter) and anyone can found their own cities, ruling them as they see fit as long as they do not go against the list of rules she has in place to guarantee Toasterland citizens some rights and maintain at least a little order. Cities make their own rules that go below the royal rules. When a citizen doesn't like the rules of a given town, they can easily move to another one.

See Toasterland Constitution

Rules for all of Toasterland

Be nice, no killing, no stealing. Violence is heavily discouraged. US Dollars and Euros are the preferred forms of currency and must be accepted as payment; Bells, Dogecoin and wood chips are NOT required to be valid. Instead of any sort of death penalty, citizens are to be deported to Wyattopia as punishment.


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