Care Bear form

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Many characters have Care Bear forms that can be activated by Rosy Sky, granting them special powers


Nova softcaribou cousin.png

Nova's Stare grants platformer-like traits to something or someone, including no fall damage as well as high jumps. Her symbol can create magical trampolines that people can bounce off of to reach really tall heights.


Maffi softcaribou cousin.png

Maffi's Stare can make art "real" like some Kirby bosses, to help her. She can take a magical paintbrush out of her symbol (where it would temporarily be missing) and actually hold it in her paws, and she can use it to make "real" art. She dips the brush into the palette on her tummy to change the color, and she can mix them together. But she can use real paint too.

Rosy Sky

Rosy softcaribou cousin 2000.png

Rosy Sky is already a Care Bear! But she can look especially like one to make her Stare stronger. Her Stare can turn other critters into toys of different sorts, usually plushes but sometimes things like pooltoys or keychains. Her Stare can also remove curses and undo transformations (as long as they're not plot related) and she can heal injuries. She can help grant courage and willpower too. Rosy's symbol can be used to make magical hearts with different effects


Sherbet softcaribou cousin.png

It's not known what Sherbet's symbol can do yet.


Cathy softcaribou cousin.png

Cathy's Stare can turn people into virtual pets, that she can care for and keep safe while they remain that way. She can make magical, translucent, glowing hearts with her symbol but it's not known what that does yet.


Alex softcaribou cousin.png

It's not known what Alex's symbol can do yet.