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Everyone's favorite little hellion!

Diddgery is a cricecorn with a penchant for mischief.

Diddgery is always getting into trouble, both on purpose and on accident. If a door is left unlocked you can bet Didge will try to squeeze in and mess with your stuff. It's not a malicious act; Didge just can't help being naturally curious. Plus it's fun to find a cool new toy or a secret magic notebook or a fruit that gives you weird powers or whatever.

When interacting with others Diddgery can come off as obnoxious, nosy, or immature. Expect lots of questions or unwarranted and tactless remarks. That said, Diddgery is good at heart and wouldn't want to make anyone upset or angry. Friendship is what's most important, after all, and Didge wants to be everyone's friend! Except for jerks, jerks don't get to be Didge's friend.

You can usually find Didge hanging around Felrok, sitting on the back of the couch in the main room, or maybe sneaking a treat in the kitchen. You might also find Diddgery hanging out with fellow cricecorn and good friend Rocket who found their way into the BChat Mansion and stayed to be with Diddgery. Diddgery loves fruits and cakes, but not fruitcakes. Diddgery also has a trident that was given as a gift from Rocket, which comes back when thrown.