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Rebecca by Bex

Rebecca is a beaver taur! She knows she's the only one in the whole world and she's fine with that. She's cool and strong, which may be easy to tell from the giant mallet she tends to carry with her. She can lift and push heavy things with easy, and her extra legs help give her more stability. She's kinda blunt in personality though she tries to be as friendly as she can and avoid upsetting people.

Like many beavers she is a builder, except instead of dams she constructs just about everything else! She builds things in addition to designing them, and she loves sharing her designs with other people and seeing what sorts of things they make too. She tends to carry a lot of building materials in her inventory and she loves gathering whatever exotic building material she can to see what she can do with it. She believes everyone should have the ability to build things if they wish to, and she will share what she has with anyone who wants to get a start.

Her giant mallet is made specifically for building, and it can very efficiently break things apart into building material. She's mastered the techniques of "big bash", "bigger bash" and the legendary "biggest bash" which clears out a very large area at once.