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Rocket by Diddgery

Rocket is a Skycecorn (which is a kind of Cricecorn) and they use firework rockets in order to achieve actual flight as opposed to just the gliding their species is normally known for. They also own a Minecraft trident, which is enchanted with both Loyalty and Riptide apparently, allowing it to come back after they throw it at things (which they do a lot of because it's amusing) but also use it to take off from water or fly around when it's raining. They are mischievous and smug, and have a bit of an ego (especially regarding how fast they can fly) but are still nice to others. Rocket is very bold and daring and will do a lot of stuff to show they aren't scared.

Notable relationships

Rocket is good friends with Diddgery who was extremely excited to meet another Cricecorn! Rocket also likes to hang out with Alex and Ichugo and tends to get them involved in whatever chaos they cause.