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Known as "The Mansion" in-universe, this building is where a lot of story takes place.

General properties of the mansion

The Mansion is an enormous building situated in Dream Land on Planet Popstar. It resides to the west of Whispy Woods, a massive forest that is very easy to get lost in. However, it is also an interdimensional sinkhole: it attracts random people from all sorts of places!

Some people can wind up in the Mansion out of the blue--they could be walking through a forest somewhere in their home world, and then at the end of the forest find the Mansion... and then they turn around, the forest they'd once been in has become Whispy Woods! Or they could also be flying a spaceship, intending to go to one planet, only to somehow wind up landing near the Mansion.

However, an important thing to note is that your character is not stranded at the Mansion. If they wish to, they can simply step out of the Mansion and will themselves back to wherever they came from. (Or not, if you think that would make things interesting!) They can also just explore Dreamland in general, or return back to where they came from via spaceship or teleportation or whatever other means they may have. They do not have to be stuck here unless you want them to be!

If they wish to stay, however, there are always open rooms in the Mansion! It never runs out of them. Though they can also take up residence in some other part of the Mansion if they desire, be it the main room, rafters, kitchen, basement, attic, etc.

The Mansion can take damage, but the damage will not always stay (thanks to a certain resident who maintains it). So one day the Mansion's doors may have been knocked off their hinges, and the next day they'll be back in place.

Doors are big enough for very tall humanoids to enter. However, the doorknob to any door will generally appear at the correct height for whatever character is interacting with the door to be able to use. (Unless you deliberately want to make it inconvenient for them.) This also applies to light switches.

Locations within the mansion

The Entrance

Outside, the Mansion has a large front porch with a few steps leading up to it, and double-doors leading inside, with a large welcome mat in front. There's a doorbell as well, though most people just knock.

There is a Sentry robot who will open the door for people at times, but he doesn't move particularly fast... [This is BabyCharmander's character--if she's not around, others may answer the door.]

If you step inside, you will find a small entrance area with a coat rack and cubbies to store shoes in, and another mat in case you still have mud to knock off your feet. There's no doors that separate the entrance from the next room, so it opens immediately into...

The Main Room

This is where most of the action takes place! The main room of the mansion is a gigantic, open space where a lot of characters may enjoy hanging out.

In the center of the space is a huge, soft rug atop the hardwood floor. On this rug is a massive L-shaped couch, an equally large coffee table, as well as a few loveseats and recliners. These generally face a large flatscreen TV. A decent amount of space surrounds this main section.

Beyond that you can reach many of the other rooms in the Mansion. From the entrance, off to the left is the kitchen, to the right is the door to the basement, and up ahead are hallways leading to residential rooms, the pool, and the courtyard. There's also a grand staircase (across and left of the entrance) that leads to the second floor, which has a sort of balcony that wraps around the main room. The second floor contains more residential rooms (including BabyCharmander's room, indicated by large double-doors at the top of the stairs) and access to the attic.

Public men's, women's, and gender neutral bathrooms are found on either side of the entrance.

Way up above are rafters that some characters may like to hang around in, if they can get up there.

The Kitchen & Dining Room

Left of the main room is the entrance to the kitchen and dining room --both have separate doors from the main room, but they're also connected to each other through a doorway with two swinging doors.

The dining room has a table long enough to seat about 20 people, with as many chairs surrounding it (the one at the head of the table being quite tall to enable BabyCharmander to reach the table). The chairs are magic and will adjust height to enable the user to reach the table. There's also a smaller table and chairs, usually folded against the wall, that can be set up for younger residents and guests (can't have a dining room without a kids' table). Large windows allow light to shine into the room and across the table. The room is accented with potted plants.

Through the swinging doors (or the entrance from the main room) you can enter the kitchen. It is large, spacious, and very clean. There are two islands each equipped with their own gas range and marble cutting surface. The refrigerator is enormous and usually stocked with fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, meat, milk, and cheese (and often leftovers from parties, or whatever the residents feel like storing there). There are two walk-in coolers and a walk-in pantry for storing even more food. The cabinets contain yet more food, plates, bowls, fine cooking utensils, and pots and pans. There's a large double-sink (one side for washing (equipped with a garbage disposal) and one for draining) and a washing machine, a double-oven, a toaster oven, a microwave, and a toaster. The countertops are all marble, and the handles are stainless-steel.