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Cathy by CutePencilCase
Species toy robot dog
Gender female
Hobby photography

A toy robot dog character inspired by the Poo-Chi toys from the early 2000s. She's made of plastic (with some of her being translucent green plastic) and doesn't have visible mechanical joints but seems to move just fine anyway. The green plastic can light up, either deliberately, when her nose is booped (it's a button!) or when she gets too excited. Her name derives from "cathode".

Cathy loves early 2000s nostalgia, especially virtual pets. She's also very interested in photography, both for silly purposes and more genuinely.

She can use her screen face to display whatever she likes, though she typically does just use it for eyes. Cathy is skilled with tech that has to do with light, and she can work with holograms and such. She sometimes works as a stage technician using this, but there are other applications, especially regarding hard light. Cathy can also do a variety of things including playing audio from a library, including songs and shorter clips. She can apply different kinds of manipulation to image, including "deep frying" and she gets kick a out of taking photos and applying effects to them to make them look silly.