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Please don't stare...

Eriko Azumi is a softspoken and timid mouse girl who loves fantasy.

Eriko is shy and withdrawn around most people, and dislikes being in crowded spaces. She is very self-conscious of her body and is painfully aware of when people are staring at her. She tries to wear clothing that deemphasizes her chest, though this is very difficult due to how large it is. That said, she doesn't hate her chest; she just wishes that it wasn't the only thing anyone noticed about her.

Eriko adores fantasy, and has a large collection of books and movies all over the genre. She likes writing her own fantasy stories, and hopes to one day write a trilogy of young adult fantasy books. She hasn't finished anything longer than a few pages yet, but she'll keep trying. In the meantime she continues to write down her ideas for stories and characters, and dabbles in roleplaying online. She enjoys spending time online, because nobody has to see her body, and people only judge her by the way she talks and what she shares about herself. She likes playing video games, and is especially fond of Final Fantasy, Fire Emblem, and The Sims.

Though she's quiet most of the time, when she's comfortable she can be more open and talkative, revealing her passion for fantasy and her sarcastic sense of humor.

Notable Relationships

Eriko has been online friends with Maffi for quite a while, and is happy to be friends with another nerdy mouse girl.