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Species Fae (noble sylphid)
Occupation Princess, mage
Element Air
Gender Female
Age ~100s
Height 6'1" (185 cm.)

Princess Linnaea Gloriana of Titania is a noble fae of Titania's court, the faerie queen's daughter, and a resident of the BChat Mansion together with her familiars Mint & Rose and her retainer Junius.


While she is the only daughter to the reigning Queen Maeve of Castle Titania, Linnaea is no heir to the castle owing to its unknowable will choosing its successors. Instead, her upbringing was one of magic and learning, having spent equal time in the libraries and conservatories of the castle when not being taught courtly affairs, until her coming of age where she set off to explore the wider worlds and learn more about them.

Linnaea is curious and compassionate for life, though her sheltered noble upbringing makes for a poor first impression among most. As well-read as she is, she's somewhat naïve and tends to assume creatures she first meets to be exotic animals unless her assumptions are challenged. Her magic training, like her mother the queen, is centered in pacts with the elemental spirits, but she lacks a bond with the spirit Salamander and her combat ability is held back by her unwillingness to hurt others.

Linnaea's rarely seen without her familiars Rose and Mint, two uniquely large and round moths from the castle conservatory whose small wings leave them unable to fly except in her magical aura. They are more keenly intelligent and playful than she knows, but can only communicate in squeaks.

Notable Relationships

Linnaea has become friends with Nova as a fellow princess ever since attending the BChat Mansion's grand reopening, and oversees the diplomatic cooperation of their kingdoms. With gold in demand and iron in unfortunately plentiful supply from pesky fairy hunters, the realm of Faerie is in a good position to exchange with Toasterland's need for the ferrous metal.