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Maffi by Princessnapped
Species SNES mouse
Occupation digital artist
Gender female
Hobby crafts, and knitting sometimes. web surfing.

Maffi is a SNES mouse! She has a SNES controller cable for a tail, and she can plug it into computers in order to interface with them. This mostly amounts to moving the mouse cursor around exactly how she wants it, just as easy as if it were a body part. Having perfect mouse cursor precision means she's very well-equipped to do digital art, and she does it as her "job" and hobby.

Another thing Maffi's tail can do is allow her to enter computers, and anyone holding onto her can come with her! If it's connected to the Internet she can traverse the network and cyberspace.

Aside from her tail, she has the ability to apply "affine transformations" to things - that is, she can apply geometric transformations like scaling, translation, rotation, flipping, etc. to objects or sometimes people, with limitations. When she applies an affine transformation to something, a transformation matrix appears in the air that she can manipulate with her fingers. She mostly just uses this to scale herself down when she wants to be a tiny mouse.

Maffi is a cute, shy nerd who's still very open to making friends and getting to know people, and she loves learning for the sake of learning, and often this helps her out because little bits of information she remembers reading can come in handy. She loves creating things, and in addition to art she likes to do crafts, and she can program and write Verilog too (which comes in handy when making things to use with her tail). She teams up with Nova to make video games about their past adventures. She loves playing video games and surfing the Internet, both through a browser and "in-person".

Maffi has an inventory, which she can store files and items inside. It's structured like a computer filesystem, with a tree of folders. It has a search feature.


A SNES-to-USB controller adapter, and a special tablet computer that her tail can fit into. She may also have other items she can use with her tail.

Notable relationships

Maffi is very good friends with Nova and they have some sort of special bond. She's also friends with Sherbet and Rosy Sky, and she met all three during the events of Nova the Squirrel 2. Maffi likes hanging out with Cathy.

Maffi has been online friends with Eriko for a long time.

Tail tech info

Maffi's tail contains seven pins. For most stories, technology seems to universally work together and interface just fine without issues, but this section documents some more concrete details for stories that don't work that way.

Her tail can directly work with the SNES mouse protocol without having to think about it at all. She can instinctively send the correct signals to guide a cursor exactly how she wants.

She can use other protocols, but they requires varying amounts of attention from her. She works best with simple serial protocols (like the NES, SNES and Virtual Boy use) and she only has to think about what series of bits she's sending and receiving, which isn't effortless but definitely could be a lot harder.

She can directly control each individual pin on her tail, but this requires her full attention for anything complicated. Instead of bothering with this, she has adapters that contain FPGAs, and she can just write Verilog to take care of aspects of complex protocols that she doesn't want to deal with. For example, an adapter that provides her access to a sensor could take care of the I2C protocol for her, and give her a simple serial result.