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How could a pony who makes sweets be so bitter?

Puddin Swirlz is an earth pony and confectioner. Originally from Fillydelphia, she now lives in Ponyville, where she owns and operates a candy store called the Sweet Eats Snack Shack.

Puddin is a pony who knows what she wants, and what she wants is for you to stop bothering her unless you're looking to purchase some sweets. If not, then kindly stay out of her business and quit talking to her. Getting Puddin to open up and be honest is incredibly hard; she doesn't care much for other ponies and generally sees them as a means to an end. That she outright refuses the companionship of others makes it only more ironic that she detests being left alone.

Though she is typically hostile and combative, Puddin does harbor a softer and more somber side that rarely sees the light of day. She's a pony with a huge chip on her shoulder, but she hates dwelling on the source of the chip because of how upset it makes her. In the very, very rare instance that she actually warm up to another pony, they may eventually get a glimpse of this gentler Puddin sooner or later.

Notable Relationships

Puddin and Honeybloom go way back. In fact, when they were both quite young Puddin was Honeybloom's foalsitter a few times. As adults, Puddin initially found Honeybloom's cheerfulness to be irritating, and tried to avoid her as much as possible. This started to change when Honeybloom came to talk to Puddin one night about romance and relationships, and they came to a mutual understanding. Since then they've grown closer as friends, and Puddin is now on good terms with Honeybloom, much to the latter's delight.

Rosy Sky is another close friend, though initially Puddin didn't want anything to do with her. Rosy was persistent, however, and eventually managed to convince Puddin to open up about her problems and fears. Puddin has grown to rely on Rosy as a confidant and a source of comfort.