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Sherbet by Princessnapped
Sherbetpony by CutePencilCase
Species fox taur
Element ice
Occupation frozen dessert shop
Hobbies gardening, flowers, exploring
Gender female
Nickname Sherby

Sherbet is a fox taur who runs a dessert shop all by herself and makes all of the food she sells there, using fruits and berries she grew in her garden. She has ice magic, which she uses to help make desserts. Despite having ice magic she's very floofy and warm with all that green fur.

She likes gardening and she appreciates pretty flowers, and she tries to keep her garden looking really nice. She has a wide variety of interesting plants gathered from far away and it's a pretty display of many different colors. She likes showing it off and telling everyone about what she's got growing.

She loves to meet taurs and she's very happy to be a taur herself, and she loves her body even though it's a bit bulky. She's very happy to give rides on her back and spend time with people who love taurs. She's very silly and carefree (sometimes silly in a very cartoonish way), though she's still responsible. She's careful not to hurt anyone or damage anything in her silliness.

Sherbet owns an orange scarf that turns her into a pony when she wears it. She likes befriending ponies and exploring pony areas, all while refusing to explain why she always wears a scarf and refusing to ever take it off. Though if she trusts someone and knows they'll handle it fine she'll let them know who she really is. She does a bad job at hiding that she's usually a fox though and she'll use lots of fox body language on accident.

For specifics on Sherbet's ice magic, she can use her ice powers to quickly freeze water or other liquids, and prevent it from melting on its own. She can use it to make tools, walls, blocks and other things out of ice as long as she has water for it. To put things into the right shape quickly she carries ice molds with her in her inventory. Her inventory allows her to carry around a lot of things easily. It's split into categories, where she first picks a category and then can pick the item she wants from it. The categories she uses happen to be Water, Ice molds, Ice objects, Hot treats, Cold treats, Tools, Building, Gardening, Miscellaneous.

Notable relationships

Sherbet loves to hang out with Honeybloom and the two of them like to be fox taurs together.

Sherbet also knows Nova, Maffi and Rosy Sky, and they all met during the events of Nova the Squirrel 2.

Met Puddin while visiting Rosy.

In Bchat, Sherbet met Tanner, Felrok, Diddgery, Linnaea, Rocket and more.