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Tanner as she currently appears

Tanner is an anthropomorphic red squirrel. She currently resides at the BChat Mansion.

Tanner is shy and reserved; it can take some time for her to warm up to others. Once she has warmed up to someone, however, she becomes very attached to them, and starts to show a more sociable and playful side. She is very kind and considerate, and likes to make people smile if she can. That said, Tanner is fragile, and her feelings are easily hurt. She sometimes takes jokes too seriously, or assumes that certain remarks are about her when they're meant for someone else. When she was younger she had a lot of trouble regulating her emotions, and would often hide away from others if she became too overwhelmed and upset. She feared being seen as a burden by the people she cared about the most, and still carries some of that fear to this day. Even so, she's become more well-adjusted and capable of handling her negative emotions, and is doing her best to no longer lock herself away when what she really needs is a shoulder to lean on.

more to come............