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Ft.Toast is the capital city of Toasterland. It's not extremely crowded, despite being the capital, and despite Nova's castle (and Maffi's house) being right outside the village. It's split into a "residential" section and "commercial" section, much like an Animal Crossing: New Leaf town.


The residential section is kind of like a forest or a park.

Residents include

Residents just outside the town include

Buildings include

  • Train station, which can get to other cities in Toasterland.
  • Re-Tail shop (maybe give it a distinct name?)
  • Public gardens, with fruit trees and berry bushes.
  • Small water park, with a pool and water slides.
  • Hospital, which cures status effects and can offer limited treatment for non video game characters.
  • Library, which has books, an enchanting table, and Internet access. People give lessons and workshops here sometimes.
  • Town Hall, which has a lost-and-found, free resources, and spaces for meetings.

There are some decorations around town, including

  • Hammock
  • Benches
  • Fire pit


The commercial section has brick roads and is less forest-y.

Restaurants include

  • Ice Fox Shop
  • Burger places
  • Pizza places
  • A restaurant ran by a pony who tries to put a focus on having good vegetarian options
  • Donut shop
  • Store that sells carnival food like deep fried Twinkies and funnel cake
  • Literally just Taco Bell

Miscellaneous buildings include

  • Museum, which shows off art made by residents, but also art from elsewhere too.
  • Plane hangar, with lots of silly aircraft in it. Also a storage space for gummi ships.
  • Airport, used to get to other town and other worlds.
  • Some automated farms that are useful to have near home.

Shops include

  • ALDI
  • Building supplies store with lots of different building materials, as well as tools
  • Furniture store
  • Ike's shop, with video game stuff. There's health recovery items, MP recovery items, potions with game-like effects, miscellaneous items.
  • Clothing/fabric store run by Button. They sell clothes and fabric (including with fun fabric patterns) and they do plush repair.
  • Magic item shop, with accessories that grant some kind of effect when worn, supplies for making portals, and more.
  • An adult store
  • Gummi ship part store
  • Video game store

Decorations include

  • Rotating cube
  • Moai with sunglasses
  • A fountain